"American Resurrection" / Beatersville / New Ongoing Project

If there is anything I can name which inspired me to take photos, it would be custom cars. Specifically, events like Beatersville, Street Rod Nationals, and the original Dillehay Hot Rod Hullabaloo. 

Recently, Court and I revisited the pre-68' traditional rod and custom show, Beatersville, packing a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, and some expired Kodak Vericolor II color negative film. To account for the age of the film, I overexposed by two stops for an ISO rating of 25.

Cars and events like this have led me to begin a new project which will be ongoing with the end goal of a physical publication of some kind. I will be adding to the America Resurrection gallery as time goes on and will be updating the status of the project on Instagram frequently. To learn more about the project, visit the American Resurrection page. 

Here are some shots from the show.