Ektachrome E100 / The Return Of

Let me start out by saying I’ve never shot slide film before, and I rarely shoot color film. Mainly because I’m way better at thinking in black and white. When I say that, I mean that when I frame something in my camera, the colors aren’t clogging my brain.

Im very particular when it comes to shooting color. Im too focused on the combination of colors in the scene vs the tonality of the film stock. When I shoot black and white, If I like the scene, I take the picture. If I shoot color, and I like the scene, I start thinking about how I don’t like this one color in this certain part of the frame and I start fighting with myself.

I thought I’d give the new Ektachrome a try just because I’d never shot slide film. Photos below, it’s cool, but I’ll stick to black and white and old color film stocks with more temperate colors and less contrast.