2018 Film Resolutions

I started shooting film in 2010 on a Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 that my grandma gave me. I put one or two rolls through them over the span of a few months and lost them. Film wasn't a large part of what I was doing photographically and at the time I just didn't want to spend money on film.

Fast forward to 2014. I wanted to get back into film and after a few days I want an eBay lot for 2 Canon AE-1s, one being an AE-1 Program. Snagged a 50mm lens with the money from selling the AE-1 Program and bought a few rolls of Superia and Kodak BW400CN. It took me forever to get through a few rolls and then after receiving the scans back from Walgreens, I was totally discouraged.

2015 came and I tried again, this time with medium format and home development. I bought a Mamiya RZ67 Pro and the Sekor 180mm lens and started really getting into shooting film. Since then I've shot on and off until the start of this website some months ago. 

2018 is a few days away and film is on the agenda

Things that WILL happen this year. ( Or so I tell myself)

  • Shoot more expired black and white film. 
  • Get away from Ilford's line of black and white films.
  • Shoot more color film at night.
  • Shoot more Polaroid and Fuji Fp-100C
  • Accept commissioned work.
  • Dial in a home development kit. (Instead of working out of a cardboard box)
  • Learn more about the science of development.
  • Introduction to large format. 
  • Produce a book.

I've been super inspired lately and I really want to shoot film as much as I can. I want to have a nice archive at the end of the year full of negatives that I'm proud of.


I have a new post coming soon for a roll I'm sorta stoked over as well as a trip to Nashville that I want to shoot. Till then...